November 27, 2013
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Posted by NCID

The researcher Luis Alberiko Gil-Alaña of the Navarra Center for International Development spent last week –November 18-22 – at Strathmore Business School in Nairobi, Kenya. “They have launched a Financial Econometrics course, and Robert Mudida, that is the person in charge of this course, proposed me to give some lectures -about 10 hours- on the main topics on this issue,” explained Luis Alberiko. He also gave a Guest Lecture for senior students of the Economics degree on the concepts and ideas on Time Series Analysis.  

But this trip was also a way to keep in touch with Robert Mudida who is also a Non-Resident fellow of the NCID. Together they have worked on several Working Papers such as “Testing the Marshall-Lerner condition in Kenya” jointly with Professor Guglielmo Caporale, who is another external fellow at the NCID (2012) as well as “Persistence, long memory and seasonality in Kenyan tourism series”, jointly with Fernando Pérez De Gracia (2013). The former was submitted to the Annals of Tourism Research. “We received last week a letter with a very positive feedback from the journal, saying that if we address some additional changes the paper could be published in the journal,” explained Luis Alberiko. In addition to teaching, this week helped him address this issue.

“Additionally” said Luis Alberiko, “we started thinking on new issues to work with, in particular, those related with the construction of a small open macro model for the Kenyan economy as it was suggested by the World Bank which we met last time in February.”

Luis Alberiko also had time to meet the Chief Economics at the World Bank in Nairobi where he had an opportunity to explain him more about the NCID and the research projects over the past three years.