October 02, 2019
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Posted by NCID

NCID Director Professor Luis Ravina and Junior Researcher Iván Kim visited for first time Rwanda, where they spent two full days in capital Kigali meeting with representatives of academia and the private sector.

On the first day they visited the University of Rwanda, the country's biggest tertiary education institution, and University of Kigali, a private university focused on business and economics studies. On the second day Prof. Ravina and Kim were welcomed by representatives of the Energy Private Developers and met with a network of young enterpreneurs, with whom they shared their center's research and projects in the region and around the world.

The Eastern African trip between Sept 25 and Oct 2 also had a stop in Nairobi as it is usual, where Prof. Ravina and Kim met with known colleagues and collaboratos such as Professor David Sperling, founder and director of Utawala Africa, and Professor Robert Mudida and Professor Godffrey Madigu from Strathmore University. During their stay in Kenya's capital they visited for first the center iLab Africa, where they were briefed on their work at a county level and the Kenya Climate Innovation Center with which they discussed potential research projects in the region.