April 20, 2016
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The 5th Research Workshop will include two full-day ​academic workshops. Monday (6/6) will consist of a number of ​​seminars on the theme Political Economy of Development and Tuesday (7/6) will feature seminars focused ​​on Macroeconomic ​Stability in Developing Countries. 

Monday June 6th

10.00 Registration and coffee

10.30 Introduction

         Luis Ravina (NCID Director)

10.45 Research Keynote: Women in Politics: Participation and Policy Preferences

            Sonia Bhalotra (University of Essex)

12.00 Coffee Break

12.30 Introducing Mobile Money in Rural Mozambique: Evidence from a Field Experiment

            Pedro Vicente (Nova Universidade Lisbon and Novafrica)

13.15 Lack of Trust Generates Demand for Institutions, and Institutions Crowd Out Civic Spirit: Experimental Evidence

         Irma Clots-Figueras (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

14.00 Lunch Break

15.30 Maternal Mortality and Female Life Expectancy: The Importance of Gender Inequality

         Joseph Flavian Gomes (NCID, Universidad de Navarra)

16.15 "For the Love of the Republic Education, Secularism and Empowerment"

         Selim Gulesci (Bocconi University)

17.00 Coffee Break

17.30 Terrorism Risk and Political Participation

         Hasin Yousaf (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

18.15 The Political Economy of Corruption in the Bureaucracy

         Michele Valsecchi (University of Gothenburg)

19.00 Break

19.30 Policy Keynote: Using a Multidimensional Poverty Indicator to guide Public Policy in Mexico

         Gonzalo Hernández Licona (CONEVAL, México) | OPEN CONFERENCE



Tuesday June 7th

10.15 Coffee

10.45 Research Keynote: “Size and Development of the Shadow Economy in Developing Countries: What do we (not) know?”

            Friedrich Schneider (Linz, IZA)

12.00 Coffee Break

12.30 The EMBI in Latin America: Fractional Integration, Non-linearities and Breaks

         Guglielmo Caporale (Brunel University)

13.15 Macroprudential Policies in Low-Income Countries

         Margarita Rubio (University of Nottingham)

14.00 Lunch Break

15.30 From Ambition to Execution: Policies in Support of Sustainable Development Goals

         Stefania Fabrizio (IMF)

16.15 Natural Resources, Decentralization, and Risk Sharing: Can Resource Booms Unify Nations?

         Fidel Perez Sebastian (University of Alicante)

17.00 Coffee Break

17.30 Intra-regional Risk Sharing In Ecowas Countries: a Panel Svar Approach

         Djogbenou Ruben Barnabas (National Institute of Statistics And Applied Economics of Abidjan)

18.15 The fungibility of foreign aid with institutional quality: A panel analysis of developing countries

         Christiana Anaxagorou (University of Sheffield)

19.00 Break

19.30 Keynote: Export Diversification and Quality Upgrading: Evidence from a New Dataset

Chris Papageorgiou (IMF) |  OPEN CONFERENCE

To register send an email to with your Name, Surname and Institution and which days you will attend.

No registration fee is required.

Please note that registration is done on a rolling, first-come, first-served basis, and there are limited seats available apart from Open Conference sessions.