February 10, 2020
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Posted by NCID

NCID Director Luis Ravina attended last Tuesday 4th of February the Center for Mediterranean Integration's Annual Meeting at the World Bank's headquarters in Paris. The meeting discussed the work of the World Bank's agency during the last year and the strategy and steps to take in the next years. Prof. Ravina listened to proposals by fellow members of think tanks and agencies and shared his input on the need for academic and applied research to foster a better response to migration at all its levels. 

The Center for Mediterranean Integration works tireleslly for a better connection between those countries at both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. It currently works on different themes which include, amongst others, development, employability, energy and water. NCID Director had already visited in the past the Center for Mediterran Integration's headquarters in Marseille back in 2018 and has worked together with its director, Blanca Moreno-Dodson, who opened the 1st NCID Workshop on Migration celebrated last November 2019 in Pamplona.