Junior Seminars
in Development

FOTO: Manuel Castells

FOTO: Manuel Castells



Apart from our postgraduate activities, we also organize seminars aimed at undergraduate students during the school year. From September to April we conduct weekly sessions of about one hour. 

In these sessions the current political and economic topics are discussed. During the seminars students are encouraged to focus on a certain topic of their interest on which they make a presentation. The goal is that the students attending the seminar end up having a broad understanding of the world economy and the political issues surrounding it. On past editions, participating students have discussed topics such as the growing relationship between China and Africa, the Arab Spring, Youth Unemployment, and the Euro Crisis.


The Junior Seminars are targeted at students from these faculties: Economics, Law, Communication and Philosophy.

All seminars will be taught in English about political, economic and social issues. In order to get the 2 ECTS is necessary to attend to 80 percent of the sessions. There will be a presentation class and at the end of the academic year students will submit a report on a chosen topic.

All Junior Seminars will take place in the Seminary Room 06 at the Amigos Building.

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