March 02, 2020
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Immigration can affect the receiving country in different fields. One of the obvious ones is the composition of the labour force, especially when immigrants are a considerable component of the economy or when there is an immigration boom. At the beginning and during a recession, part of the public opinion point to migrants, whose role become part of the discussion.

Ismael Gálvez, a Ph.D. candidate at Universidad Carlos III, contributes evidence to this issue with his job market paper The Role of Immigration in a Deep Recession, which he presented at the Navarra Center fo...

March 01, 2020
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Este artículo fue originalmente publicado el pasado 1 de marzo de 2020 en el medio El Orden Mundial. El autor es el investigador junior del Navarra Center for International Development, David Soler Crespo. A continuación se reproduce parcialmente el artículo. Puede consultar el artículo original aquí, restringido a suscriptores de El Orden Mundial.

Cuatro décadas de apartheid en Sud...

February 25, 2020
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The Galician diaspora in Latin America was one of the most significant European emigration surges of the twentieth century. In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, Galicia was the poorest region in Spain, it had mainly a rural economy, and was badly connected to the rest of the country. With that framework, most of the Galician migrants went to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Cuba looking for better opportunities, which not only had positive effects in the places where they settled but also in their hometowns in Galicia.

Contributing empirical evidence to that ...