June 28, 2017
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Stefan Dercon, professor at the Blavatnick School of Government, Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economics, both at the University of Oxford, and Chief Economist of the Department for International Development of the UK Government, spoke about Biased Civil Servants at the 6th NCID Research Workshop.

June 04, 2017
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On May 15th, Pepita Miquel-Florensa, Assistant Professor at the Toulouse School of Economics and Research Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Study in Tolouse, presented her paper "Voting Corrupt Politicians Out of Office: Evidence from an Experiment in Paraguay". This question is specially relevant while analyzing the way in which democratic institutions work in Latin American countries, where corruption is usually very common and frequently accepted by the population.

Paraguay is ranked 123 out of 176 in the corruption perception index, and this is demonstrated by sev...