March 03, 2020
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Migration is currently one of the issues with more attention at the international level, especially considering that migrants are around 3.5% of the global population and that several phenomena of forced migration are growing, which entails the objective of understanding its causes and implications. At the Navarra Center International Development, migration is a hot topic too. Actually, one of the papers presented at the recent NCID Workshop on Migration in November has been ...

March 02, 2020
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Immigration can affect the receiving country in different fields. One of the obvious ones is the composition of the labour force, especially when immigrants are a considerable component of the economy or when there is an immigration boom. At the beginning and during a recession, part of the public opinion point to migrants, whose role become part of the discussion.

Ismael Gálvez, a Ph.D. candidate at Universidad Carlos III, contributes evidence to this issue with his job market paper The Role of Immigration in a Deep Recession, which he presented at the Navarra Center fo...

March 01, 2020
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Este artículo fue originalmente publicado el pasado 1 de marzo de 2020 en el medio El Orden Mundial. El autor es el investigador junior del Navarra Center for International Development, David Soler Crespo. A continuación se reproduce parcialmente el artículo. Puede consultar el artículo original aquí, restringido a suscriptores de El Orden Mundial.

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