November 26, 2013
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Giovanni Mazzacani, 23, is young Italian who recently finished an internship at United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. He is studying a double degree on International Management at the Bocconi University, Milan, which included studying an academic year at the Fudan University in Shanghai.  Giovanni has spent three months working in the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), which is an organ of the United Nations; in particular they work in development countries with a particular focus in Africa.

He was invited to the Navarra C...

May 21, 2013
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Prof. Prakarsh Singh, from Amherst College, has given an interview to the university magazine Nuestro Tiempo discussing his upcoming course at the II Navarra Development Week.

Pamplona. May 21rd, 2013.

By: Hector Cárcel

P. Could you briefly explain the content of your upcoming course in the D-Week?

R. The course will first delve into the theory that tries to explain why wars happen. Then, we will study empirical regularities across countries that have been affected by conflict. The second half of t...

April 22, 2013
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Marta Reynal is an Affiliated Professor at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. Reynal delivered an in-depth analysis about the role dynastic leaders play in securing growth and prosperity in developing countries. By gathering an extensive data about the different characteristics of political leaders, she suggests that the success of dynasties in terms of economic performance will depend on the strength of the executive constraints. Reynal concludes that dynastic leaders tend to perform better than non-dynastic ones when there are weak constraints and not very strong institution...


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