Dr. Arinze Nwokolo during the presentation of his thesis.

Dr. Arinze Nwokolo presented his thesis Essays in Development Economics: On Civil Conflict in Nigeria last Monday 16th of October at the University of Navarra.

Marianna Battaglia during the presentation of the study

There is an ongoing debate on how to provide sufficient opportunities for individuals to escape the woes of poverty. Small and medium enterprises are one way to do that.

Navarra Center for International Development’s fellows Alex Armand and Joseph Gomes have been awarded a two-year grant from the Fundación Ramón Areces to fund the study Defection Messaging and...


Consiste en un proyecto de desarrollo de un barrio informal como mecanismo de integración a la ciudad formal, de integración plena de sus habitantes en la ci

Stefan Dercon, professor at the Blavatnick School of Government, Director of the Centre for the Study of African Economics, both at the University of Oxford, and Chief Economist of the Department for International Development of the UK Government, spoke about Biased Civil Servants at the 6th...