We work for people.

We recommend policies to governments, multinationals and other institutions that promote the dignity of life of people living in extreme poverty

The Navarra Center for International Development is a research center which consists of an interdisciplinary team of economists, political scientists, journalists, historians and urbanists. We strive to alleviate extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries by focusing on evidence-based research with a macro and micro approach. Our main areas of study are conflict, governance, education, democracy, urban planning and institution building, amongst others. To do that, we use techniques such as regression discontinuity, fractional co-integration, difference-in-difference, etc.

We focus on several countries, with special interest in three regions: Central America, Subsaharan Africa and Southeast Asia. At the same time, we aim to offer a contribution to the public discussion on development through our general contributions, which include Ocassional Papers, Book Reviews and Country Reports.