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Indicators of employment discrimination at provincial level and their use for preventing intergroup social conflict

The article starts from the conception of unemployment as a potential trigger factor for social tensions thath could result in the competition and conflict depending on other enviromental conditions. From this premise, we analyze the labour market in Spain during the years 2008 and 2009, differentiating between two groups, nationals and economic migrants. Using the Labour Force Survey (LFS), we focus on the analysis at the procincial level to develop indicators and undicesto help classify the provinces according to the four theoretical models that combine the national and immigrant unemployment levels with the possible strategies for competition. The result is an original use of the LFS that provides new information on the situation of labour market at the provincial level and how it is changing. This information may be helpful in decision-making and public policy.

Labour force survey (LFS), immigration, unemployment, social conflict, indicators, provinces