November 05, 2014
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Posted by NCID

Pedro Flores, director of FIIAPP, presented to the Navarra Center for International Development (NCID) the goals, successes and ongoing efforts to improve in the thousands of development projects globally.

The Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas(FIIAPP) is a public institution dedicated to international cooperation around development. “The sectors where we work are defined by the Spanish foreign policy and we also follow very closely the European Union agenda in cooperation issues,” explained Pedro Flores.

FIIAPP is works in over 90 countries and carries out projects in the areas of infrastructure, public administration reforms, migration, and justice, among others.

At the present time the foundation is financing a project in Colombia whose final objective is mitigating and preventing the risk related to natural disasters. “We are implementing an Early Warning System (Sistema de Alertas Tempranas) in Colombia because this country suffers from the natural phenomenon, “La Niña” –said Pedro Flores—and they do not have system to prevent these disasters and above that a system that prevents civil deaths, displacement of the population and associated economic losses.” This project is emblematic of FIIAPP taking on these countries worst pressing constraints on development.

Evaluation of the project impact

"Although we are generally working with governments, the impacts ultimately benefit the citizens," the director said.

The foundation’s objective is to improve the lives of the citizens in partner countries to that end; they are actively trying to implement a system to evaluate the real impact of their projects. “We want to have evidence of the impact of our projects so that we know which programs are working and which are not, and whether we should keep financing them or not”, said Pedro Flores.