September 10, 2014
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Posted by NCID

The Navarra Center for International Development (NCID) and the MODERNA Foundation have launched the "Transferring the MODERNA Plan to Developing Countries" project, funded by the Caja Navarra Foundation. Lasting 12 months, the project will develop between 6 and 8 publishable working documents.

This initiative seeks to transfer the MODERNA economic plan to two developing countries, Kenya and South Africa, through a rigorous study of the plan's success factors and the circumstances of each country. "Universally applicable solutions do not exist," clarified Pedro Mendi, NCID researcher, who considers it fundamental "to partner with local agents in the destination country to create permanent, open dialogue and enrich learning in both directions."

Cernin Martínez Yoldi, director general of the MODERNA Foundation, explained that the goal of this collaboration is to "design protocol for implementing innovative development plans in these countries, learning from Navarra's growing experience, which has been involved with the MODERNA Plan since 2008."


Private initiative, local solutions and knowledge

According to Prof. Mendi, both ICS's poverty and development project (NCID) and the MODERNA Foundation adhere to the same fundamental pillars: "Both organizations, founded in the private sector, understand that the search for local solutions and the importance of knowledge is crucial for the development of any country."

"Both organizations aim to contribute to the economic development of different regions and countries," Cernin Martinez noted. MODERNA is focused on Navarra region and on the implementation of projects involving companies, government and the educational system. NCID directs its effort, with an academic and research focus, at developing countries."