November 02, 2021
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Posted by NCID

Luis Ravina, director of the Navarra Center for International Development, participated in the International Congress on Sustainability and Integral Human Development at the University of La Sabana (Colombia). 

Ravina gave a conference entitled "International experiences to improve human development and sustainability", in which he explained where poverty is concentrated in the world, what characterises the poor, the differences between absolute and relative poverty and what the role of social researchers can be in combating poverty in the world: "Social researchers are links in the same chain that seeks to improve people's lives and make them free through knowledge". 

The director of the NCID also presented some of the investigations of the centre at the International Congress of the Universidad de La Sabana, such as that of resident researcher Tijan Bah on training young migrants in Gambia to discover that there are other alternatives to the illegal migratory routes in the Mediterranean.