November 03, 2022
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Posted by NCID

Last Tuesday October 25th took place the first CINDERE-NCID research workshop with Fundación 2020 in Guatemala City, where it was positioned as one of the most prestigious applied research events in the country. The workshop was attended by international speakers like Arturo García (Econometría Consultores), Olga Lucia Romero (Valor Público Center Director of University of EAFIT Colombia) and public institutions representatives such as Banco de Guatemala Department of Macroeconomic Statistics and Statistics National Institute.

The different techniques for impact evaluation in practice were discussed as well as the importance of data for public policy decision-making. CINDERE fulfilles its commitment to knowledge generation and presence in major challenges and potential stategies to show the importance of impact evaluation. The event was also a great oportunity to establish new relations between speakers and guests.

NCID Director, Luis Ravina, was in Guatemala duirng this week and was present at the workshop. Furthermore, he contributed and was part of CINDERE activities during his visit in the country. It is also worth mentioning the visits to Banco de Guatemala to consolidate the relations in economic research matters and to University of Istmo, where CINDERE resides. It also took place different meetings with two Embassy of Spain departments: the Economic and Comercial Office and the Cooperation Technical Office of Spain with a view to continue working togheter.