January 20, 2022
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Posted by NCID

CINDERE and NCID have participated in recent weeks in an evaluation of the ministries of the current government of Guatemala in which other think tanks have also participated, convened by Prensa Libre, which has produced a report with the results of the evaluation. 

Prensa Libre convened three think tanks to critically analyse the work of the 14 ministries and vice-presidencies of the government of Alejandro Giammattei and Guillermo Castillo after two years in office (2020-2022). Along with CINDERE, the other centres that carried out the evaluation were Fundesa (Fundación para el Desarrollo de Guatemala) and Ipnusac (Instituto de Problemas Nacionales de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala). 

The four criteria used in the evaluation were the following: 

1. Accountability and transparency. 

2. Programme management. 

3. Management of the pandemic

4. Quality of spending, implementation and investment. 

The Ministry of Finance (73 points), the Ministry of Economy (72) and the Ministry of Labour (70) were the highest rated and the Ministry of Health (36), the Ministry of Communications (45) and the Ministry of Social Development (48) were the lowest rated government ministries.