December 07, 2021
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Posted by NCID

CINDERE and NCID have transmitted more than one million awareness-raising messages on malnutrition, health and education in an information campaign on the challenges facing Guatemala together with the Connected Cities Foundation. 

The campaign, called ¡Guatemala, el futuro es hoy!, was carried out during the months of May, July, August and October and consisted of presenting in a clear, concise and descriptive way the great challenges facing Guatemala from the perspective of research for development.

The information and awareness-raising campaign was developed through messages on digital screens throughout Guatemala City and Quetzaltenango and had a strong presence within the "Transmetro" bus system, as well as on various websites and social media. bus system and on various websites and major social networks. 

Throughout the months of the campaign "Guatemala, the future is today", videos, infographics and communication spots were created to present and communicate relevant data and characteristics of Guatemala's problems related to malnutrition, health, education and living conditions, especially in the area of the Dry Corridor. 

For the campaign, a board has also been created about the Dry Corridor of Guatemala.