October 04, 2013
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Governments dislike large stocks of immigrants and spend significant resources in limiting the number of entries into their countries. However, once a mass of illegal immigrants has accumulated, a powerful incentive emerges to retrieve some fiscal base by granting immigration amnesties. By regularizing the illegal workers governments can increase fiscal revenue through the much larger tax base. “Apart from not contributing to taxes, illegal workers, free ride and are more involved in illegal activities” said Francesco.

“My main question is, ‘over the past 30 years, why hav...

October 01, 2013
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Professor Luis-Alberiko Gil-Alaña presented an overview of the econometric investigations that he has performed during the last two years together with his coauthors on several issues of great interest concerning Kenyan economy. Making use of the technique of long memory and fractional integration in time series, to which he has highly contributed during the last fifteen years, he provided his audience with a clear idea of certain aspects that should be improved  regarding certain aspects of the Kenyan economy.

According to his results, fiscal policy is conducted in a more a...

September 24, 2013
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The 2nd Development Week was held in Pamplona at the Uni­versity of Navarra on June 3-7, 2013. This event offered a course in the Causes and Conse­quences of Civil Con­flict by Prakash Singh, as well as different seminars given by recognized experts in their respective fields. The Keynote Speech was Oded Stark.

The video of the 2nd Development Week compiles the views and experiencies from attendants and speakers.