February 21, 2022
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Este reportaje fue originalmente publicado el 20 de febrero de 2022 en El País Planeta Futuro. Los autores son los investigadores junior del NCID Javier Larequi y Ángela Abascal. Puede consultar el artículo original aquí.

Joy Albert se fue a la cama el viernes 28 de enero en su hogar de Port...

February 11, 2022
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Luis Ravina, director of the Navarra Center for International Development, has given an interview to CNN in which he explained his vision of inequality in the world, the current distribution of wealth and the role that technology plays in all of this.


February 11, 2022
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University of Navarra professor Sandra Polanía gave the first seminar of 2022 at the Navarra Center for International Development entitled "Can a Government Intervention Improve Collective Action? Evidence on Induced Interaction and Coordination", a paper she co-authored with researcher David Echeverry

She based her research on a conditional cash transfer programme in Colombia (Cartagena) on t...