March 04, 2020
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Luis Ravina, the Navarra Center for International Development (NCID) Director, traveled to Guatemala between February 17 and 22 along with Junior Researcher Iván Kim to meet with representatives from the public, private, academic, and cooperation sectors. The visit was intended to establish new relationships and strengthen collaboration with known institutions to carry out future research projects in the country.

Two of the meetings were with university colleagues, one at the Research and Projection Institute on Economy and Plural Society (IDIES) of the Rafael Landívar Un...

March 03, 2020
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Migration is currently one of the issues with more attention at the international level, especially considering that migrants are around 3.5% of the global population and that several phenomena of forced migration are growing, which entails the objective of understanding its causes and implications. At the Navarra Center International Development, migration is a hot topic too. Actually, one of the papers presented at the recent NCID Workshop on Migration in November has been ...

March 02, 2020
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Immigration can affect the receiving country in different fields. One of the obvious ones is the composition of the labour force, especially when immigrants are a considerable component of the economy or when there is an immigration boom. At the beginning and during a recession, part of the public opinion point to migrants, whose role become part of the discussion.

Ismael Gálvez, a Ph.D. candidate at Universidad Carlos III, contributes evidence to this issue with his job market paper The Role of Immigration in a Deep Recession, which he presented at the Navarra Center fo...