March 29, 2022
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Researcher Laura Muñoz visited NCID to give a seminar entitled "Displacement, a step on women's marriage? Natural disasters and cultural norms". She explained that exposure to forced displacement during women's adolescence exposes them to an earlier entry into the "market" of marriage. 

According to Muñoz, "when a household is displaced by a natural disaster such as an earthquake, affected young women experience a 47% increase in the annual risk of marriage". 

March 24, 2022
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More than 150 African students from 15 countries participated this week in the 2nd Empowering Africa Workshop, organized by the Navarra Center for International Development (NCID) together with the University of Pennsylvania and the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. The workshop, which took place on March 21 and 22, served as a connection between some of the brightest African students who aspire to pursue doctoral degrees in economics and leading researchers in this area, who offered them some advice on how to take adva...

March 16, 2022
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IE Business School Professor of Economics Rafael Pampillón has presented his new book 'When voters lose patience. Radical cases of economic policy'. Also participating in the event were Luis Ravina, director of the NCID, and Emili J. Blasco, professor of International Relations at the University of Navarra, who discussed with Pampillón the economic consequences of the conflict in Ukraine.

The author of the book, Rafael Pampillón, told in his presentation that economic crises throughout history ...