May 09, 2022
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Este reportaje fue originalmente publicado el 9 de mayo de 2022 en El País Planeta Futuro. Los autores son los investigadores junior del NCID Javier Larequi y Daniel Pérez. Puede consultar el artículo original aquí.

Casi seis millones de refugiados ucranianos, según ACNUR, han ...

April 13, 2022
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The Navarra Center for International Development researcher Javier Larequi gave an interview on Radio Africanía in which he explained the Tijan Bah project in relation to information gaps and irregular migration in Gambia and also the recent 'Empowering Africa Workshop' organized by the NCID toge...

April 05, 2022
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Researcher Teresa Molina-Millán visited NCID to give a seminar entitled "Artisanal mining in Africa". She explained that between 130 and 270 million people subsist on small-scale artisanal mining, a labor-intensive method of extraction. 

According to Molina, "the main problem with artisanal mining is that it leads to tropical deforestation and vegetation degradation." 

"The historical increase in the price of gold accounts for 20% of the total...