22 de Marzo, 2024
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Christopher Rauh, a Professor of Economics and Data Science at University of Cambridge, visited the NCID to give as seminar entitled "If You Only Have a Hammer: Optimal Dynamic Prevention Policy".

His paper proposes a dynamic decision model for situations in which a policymaker faces a recurrent risk and has to choose between early action (prevention) and late action (de-escalation). 

The dynamics, damages and actions are modelled in a Markov model. This allows us to first derive three simple theoretical results. First, optimal...

13 de Febrero, 2024
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Marcos Vera-Hernández, a Professor of Economics in University College London, visited the NCID to give as seminar entitled "Cost-Sharing in Medical Care Can Increase Adult Mortality: Evidence from Colombia".

This paper reassesses the link between ambulatory cost-sharing and health by studying Colombia's entire formal sector labour force observed monthly between 2011 and 2018 with individual-level health care utilisation records linked to payroll data and vital statistics. 

This is the first study to show ...

09 de Febrero, 2024
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Este artículo fue originalmente publicado el 7 de febrero de 2024 en El País Planeta Futuro. El autor es el investigador junior Miguel Janer García. Puede consultar el artículo original aquí.

Steve tiene seis años y vive en el slum (asentamiento informal) de Mathare, el segundo más grande de