22 de Marzo, 2024
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Christopher Rauh, a Professor of Economics and Data Science at University of Cambridge, visited the NCID to give as seminar entitled "If You Only Have a Hammer: Optimal Dynamic Prevention Policy".

His paper proposes a dynamic decision model for situations in which a policymaker faces a recurrent risk and has to choose between early action (prevention) and late action (de-escalation). 

The dynamics, damages and actions are modelled in a Markov model. This allows us to first derive three simple theoretical results. First, optimal...

13 de Febrero, 2024
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Marcos Vera-Hernández, a Professor of Economics in University College London, visited the NCID to give as seminar entitled "Cost-Sharing in Medical Care Can Increase Adult Mortality: Evidence from Colombia".

This paper reassesses the link between ambulatory cost-sharing and health by studying Colombia's entire formal sector labour force observed monthly between 2011 and 2018 with individual-level health care utilisation records linked to payroll data and vital statistics. 

This is the first study to show ...

07 de Febrero, 2024
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Claude Raisaro,a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Economics at Stockholm School of Economics, visited the NCID to give a seminar as part of the Job Market entitled "Incentives justifying nonconformity: experimental evidence from motortaxi organizations in Uganda".

This paper studies whether economic incentives may be more powerful when they help justify choices that have social image costs among peers. 

Incentive evidence is provided that speeding is considered admirable among...