24 de Octubre, 2022
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Escrito por NCID

The Navarra Center for International Development (NCID) at University of Navarra invites applications for a Tenure-track position, primarily focused at the rank of Assistant Professor, but more experienced candidates may be considered. The position will be based at University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain). 

Job start date: September 1st 2023

Job duration: Continuing/permanent

Applicants are expected to have a doctoral degree in Economics or related field by July 2023, and a specialization in the fields of Development Economics, Applied Econometrics or Political Economy. Candidates must have a commitment to scholarly research and are expected to develop an active research program leading to both scientific publications and successful policy design.

The NCID is a research focused center. The teaching load is extremely low (an average of 30hours/year), and there is barely any administrative (non-research related) work, which makes of the NCID a great placement for researchers in the early stages of their academic career.

Applications should include:

1. Cover letter;

2. Curriculum vitae;

3. Job market paper;

4. Three letters of recommendation.

Applications need to be submitted through EconJobMarket: If applications cannot be submitted with this system, the candidate should get in touch with our recruitment office at 

Following the EJME guidelines, the first round of interviews will take place virtually on Dec. 12-14, 2022. We can accommodate interviews during the first week of January 2023 (around the ASSA Annual meeting), if any candidate requests it, but we strongly prefer to concentrate our interviews in December.

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