18 de Febrero, 2016
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Escrito por NCID

Luis Ravina, Director of the NCID, along with Juan Ángel Soto, NCID Research Assistant, visited South Africa in early February to strengthen the relationship with various entities in the country. The NCID carries out research for the eradication of poverty in the continent specifically in Mozambique, Kenya and South Africa.

One of the first meetings was with Temba Nolutshungu, Director of the Free Market Foundation (founded in 1975), an independent public service organisation that promotes and fosters an open society, the rule of law, personal liberty, and economic and press freedom.

Ravina also met Dr. Terence McNamee, Deputy Director of The Brenthurst Foundation, who visited the University of Navarra in 2015 and presented his book “Africans investing in Africa”.

The Center also had the opportunity to introduce itself to Thembinkosi Siganda, the Director of Economic Development in Western Cape Province, and Garreth Bloor, member of the Cape Town City Council.

Finally the Director of the NCID met Michael Howe-Ely, the cofounder of INENG (Independent Entrepreneurship Group), an organization that seeks to achieve policy change driven by entrepreneurs.

Luis Ravina visits the country annually to strengthen the relationship with our local partners and seek new avenues to carry out high quality research on the most pressing matters related to poverty and growth.


Photo by Flickr user Willem van Valkenburg

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